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What can I say?

I've been playing games for quite some time and I am a fan of the FPS, RPG, and RTS genres. 


I first stumbled across the Arma series when I was searching for realistic military type game and after seeing videos of it I was sold on it. For me, I wasn't the biggest fan of the campaign or the vanilla missions myself, so I mainly messed in the editor.


What I did in the editor on Arma was mainly for my own personal pleasure, and I had missions where they were mainly stealth (I've always been a fan of stealth missions) or some missions that protecting a convoy or assaulting one.


Since I was a big fan of Arma 2, I then decided to purchase Arma 3 when it was available (I didn't buy it till it was released, was hesitant on the early access alpha model) and then with that, that is when I begain to make missions/campaigns for Arma 3.


I decided to make similar missions to what I made on Arma 2, and after looking at guides/videos I was able to make missions that topped my previous ones that were on Arma 2 (that I didn't even upload to the public)


And now after having Arma 3 for almost three years, I have over 2200 hours (most of that being in the editor) and have created 6 campaigns (5 of those are finished) and a dozen or more singleplayer missions.


And to think of it, I am not done yet and just getting started. Now that Apex has been released, you should expect more missions/campaigns to come.

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